Types of Data Needed to Measure Soil Building

soilEstablish or create a building and the building requires good planning and mature. The goal is to allow the process to run according to a predetermined schedule. And before the development process is done there are some things that always and absolutely must be there. One is the size of the land is used as a place to set up the building.

And not just any building, but the project of making roads, bridges, sea or air ports and several other types of infrastructure work is also needed land size data accurate, objectives of this land measurement is to determine the exact boundaries of land ownership so that the building made will not exceed the limit so it will not cause problems such as lawsuits and other, besides to the measurement of the land, the building sketching easier. Because of this sketch early development process can begin.

Though it looks simple, but the job also requires some ground measurement data. The type of data required to measure the real estate include land ownership certificates. This letter contains the certificate and the boundary position and size of land owned.

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The Latest Advancements In Heat Transfer Equipment


The gas and oil industry is an important part of the economy in any country, but especially in Canada. Processing activities in this industry are intense and specialized equipment is needed to run the processes. This is especially important when it comes to the heat transfer equipment. A number of innovations have been made to ensure that heat transfer products meet the standards of the Canadian gas and oil industry. It is common knowledge that processes in the oil and gas industries are quite extreme and release a lot of heat. Heat exchange equipment used in this industry should be manufactured in a way that they can withstand extreme pressure, temperatures, corrosion, and two-phase mixtures.
The most common heat transfer equipment includes thermal fluid systems, heaters and boilers, and heat exchangers. Each of these technologies has been advanced to make them more effective and ensure that they meet safety standards and regulations. One of the advancements made on the thermal fluid systems is to fit them with heat exchangers, pipes and easy to control valves needed to cool the fluids being processed and the heating media used. The auxiliary skids are designed to support the whole system and allow for its expansion. The pipes are now fully insulated, enhancing the safety of the whole system.  Another advancement is that there are a number of thermal fluids available in the market, making it possible for customers to pick the most advanced heat transfer equipment that best meets their needs.

Another major advancement made in heat transfer equipment is designing them to allow the flow of two fluids at the same time. Initially, heat transfer equipment could only allow for the flow of fluids in one phase. However, in the present day, the equipment being made can allow the flow of two fluids at the same time. They are fitted with two sets of tubing, where one set contains the fluid being cooled or heated and the other set has tubes through which the heating or cooling fluid flows. A good example is the shell ad tube heat exchanger. This heat exchanger is fitted with tubes that have a large diameter and thick walls. A great resource for learning more about thermal transfer is Petro-Tech’s website at heat-transfer-industrial-systems.com/heat-transfer-products. Read the rest of this entry »

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Various techniques and Larder Wood Buildings

kayu 2In order to use the old age, the wood used to make the building should be chosen from the types of good quality. And not only that, before it can be preserved wood mounted first. Techniques and how to preserve wooden buildings there are several methods.

thing first in the traditional manner given the wood preservative layer of material such as tar, grease, oil, paint and so on, funds expended to do this job is very cheap because all the ingredients can use the culled or used. But in a certain period, the preservative coating can be lost. Example liquid tar or petroleum oil, if frequently exposed to water can fade.

Additionally this material cannot seep up into the wood fibers. As a result, if there is a ferocious attack wood destroying fungi such as termites or wood rot and can remain porous. And if the wood is installed in a place easily visible example for interior decoration, certainly looks to be no good. Therefore this method should only be applied for a short while only, not in the long term and permanent. Nicer use the second way is by soaking. This soaking process there are three kinds of hot baths, cold and hot-cold combination. Materials used for the immersion is saline solution.

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Some Principles of Healthy Housing Development

157Healthy homes would be our hope, both for owners and occupants or the environment and surrounding communities. Whatever we need to consider whether to bring would we live healthier, the following 5 principles of a healthy home:

1. Natural lighting
greatly affects the position of the building’s natural lighting, because the only source of natural light is the sun, so we cannot determine its own but the position of the building or house that we are building that has to adjust to the sunlight that will go, or if you already build a house with a position that does not allow entry of sunlight, you can outsmart by making skylights, for example, create a transparent glass in the ceiling of your home., you can also install glass windows, massive open-plan space and paint the room white for reflect light so that the lamp can light up a room with a maximum.

Besides to health reasons, sufficient natural lighting will also be useful to save a lot of electricity; we do not need to turn on the lights to illuminate the inside of the house, because everything has been fulfilled by the incoming sunlight. Sunlight can be utilized optimally as a source of natural light for a healthy home, with guidelines:

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Applications Glass in Building

glassSince the first glass is often used as a complementary component of the building either residential homes or public buildings. Glass itself is actually a non-organic material, the result of mixing several kinds of materials are cooled to the phase so dense. One type is the main ingredient for making silica sand. Application of glass in buildings is the most frequent element of windows and doors, placed mirrors in space or interior, partition and others.

The use of glass in this building can provide several advantages, among others, if any dirt can be cleaned easily. Besides, if the concept of the application is done in the right way, the glass can make the look of the room and the building became more beautiful and luxurious.

Not only that, the glass also has a very long service life even in the hundreds of years. For those who want to make savings in the use of electric energy primarily for lighting and lighting concepts, the glass can be a mainstay ingredient. And more interestingly, the glass has anti-abrasion properties. Read the rest of this entry »

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